Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!!

What a week, what a week! We are FINALLY home. Nathan got released on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! We went shopping and I bought the cutest pants EVER at Anthropoligie; it's my store of choice! Then, that night, Nathan ordered room service for dinner. It was delisiouso! Too bad he was totally crabby because of his awful headache from his lumbar puncture! It was still a nice night though!

By the way, I lost my cell phone on Saturday so don't think I am avoiding you. I have no idea what happened to it and I am pretty sad about the whole situation. What can you do?

I am so glad that we celebrated Easter on Saturday, mostly because we wouldn't have had Easter at all if we would have waited until Sunday. Plus, I think it's more important to focus on the fun aspect of Easter the day before and focus on Christ, Sunday. We had a lot of fun. I ate WAY too much candy!

Here are a few fun pictures of Easter:

P.S. GO MISS CALIFORNIA! Way to represent America by using YOUR FREEDOM of speech to express how you feel about something. I love the double standard of the whole thing; Tell me what we want to hear, otherwise we'll burn you at the stake -or try to ruin her image-! If she would have said she was for gay marriage, you better believe no one would be allowed to be mad about that!

Right now the issue is not about whether or not you believe in gay marriage, it's about being able to express your opinion. By misinterpreting Miss California's words the way they have been, it's to commit a fallacy in thinking! Look at what is really happening here and then take a position!

Grant got a bubble machine for Easter!
Grant hated peeps! How could he be my son?

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Update...Kind of!

Well, nothing new has really happened lately. Nathan is doing great and I am so grateful for that, but this whole situation is getting frustrating. We still have no idea what has caused this. They have pretty much narrowed out an accidental drug overdose and endocarditis, but not completely. He was moved to the neurological ward where they have been doing MRIs and CT's to figure out why there is swelling on his brain. Some of the doctors think it is consistent with meningitis but others are skeptical because he is so healthy right now. He can walk and talk and everything. They did a lumbar puncture earlier today and tried SIX times before they decided to take him to x-ray and do it there.

I think Nathan is getting a little stir crazy being couped up inside the hospital. I sure know that Grant is dying to get out of this hotel. I am starting to feel like a vagabond, moving from home to home (accept I am moving from hotel to hotel). It's getting quite expensive too. I am just glad we had some savings, which is dwindling now; so hopefully he won't be here too much longer!

I know I shouldn't be complaining about anything because I have been blessed with the most amazing gifts; my son and my husband pulling through this with no brain damage or anything.

By the way, tomorrow is my birthday! I can't believe I will be 23! When did I get so old? I think I should be allowed to stay 22 since I will be spending the birthday in a hospital room next to my husband! It would only be fair!

Anyway, thanks for all of the love and support everyone has given through out this whole ordeal! It means so much to Nathan and I to have such great friends and family! Keep Nathan in your prayers. And remember my friend Sid I told everyone about, the one who comforted me and was so amazing when I first got to the hospital, her brother passed away tonight so keep their family in your thoughts and prayers too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Update

Hi Everyone,
Sorry it's taken me a while to update. Also, sorry that my last email was so vague. I was typing on my iPod and it wasn't working out so well.

The story is that:

Friday morning Nathan had knee surgery because he tore his miniscus running, during a regular monthly drill session. He had no complications at all. When we got home, he went outside and raked the lawn -I told him he was crazy-! Saturday was the same thing; we walked around Home Depot for like 2 hours.

We went to bed that night and Nathan slept in our guest room downstairs -I kept bumping his knee the night before and he wasn't going to have any of that again-! I went down Sunday morning to wake him up for church. He woke up and said he wasn't going because his throat was really sore and hurt really badly. I kissed him goodbye and went to church at about 9:30.

When I got home from church, my neighbor Terry was outside -who is just an amazing person and I owe her so much- and I went and talked to her for about 10 minutes. At church, I ran into our good friends Mike and Raquel -also amazing people who we owe so much to- and they asked if the could stop by right after church to home teach! I am so so grateful they did because... when they got to my house, I told them to hold on so I could go down stairs and wake Nathan up.

I went downstairs and repeatedly said his name. I noticed he was snoring extremely loudly and that it was really rapid. I kept shaking him but couldn't wake him up. I turned the light on and noticed that his face was completely ashen and his lips were completely blue. I turned around for a second and kind of said out loud something was wrong but I thought I was being dramatic. I continued to shake him and started getting pretty aggressive.

After about a minute, maybe a little less, I called up to Mike and Raquel and said that something was wrong with Nathan. They headed down the stairs and I told them he wouldn't wake up. They both went into the room and right away Mike started shaking Nathan to wake him up. Raquel, if I remember right, started checking some of his vitals. After about 30 seconds I called 911.

That's when I started getting a little hysterical. I went up stairs and talked to dispatch while they told me I needed to take his pulse and try to keep waking him up. I pretty much just called down to Mike and Raquel what to do because I just couldn't concentrate. I went to the front door where the police officer was already there. She ran downstairs to be with Nathan.

Initially, we all started thinking he had somehow overdosed on his pain killers. I brought the meds to Raquel and she counted everything and it all seemed to be fine. We also checked my pain meds to see if he had accidentally taken some of mine from my surgery but they were all accounted for.

The EMTs got there pretty quickly and intibated him. I am not really sure what else they did. Terry, my neighbor across the street ran over and just grabbed Grant and Lincoln and took them over to her house to get them out of the way. My other neighbor next door took my dog for me.

The EMTs got him in the ambulance and rushed him to the ER. Mike took Grant to his house and Raquel took me to the hospital. Once we got there it got pretty crazy. No one knew what was going on. Since we had narrowed out the drugs, everyone started thinking it was a blood clot.

They did a CT and it was not a blood clot. By this point, we were all pretty positive that they were going to life flight him out but we were not sure where. My dad had already started heading up towards Rock Springs in case he stayed; my mom to Salt Lake.

To make matters even worse. All I had was Nathan's phone, with hardly any of the same numbers as mine and it was about to die. The ER doc informed me that I was going to be able to fly with Nathan to Salt Lake. Which was great. Terry and her husband Justin came up and I made them a list of what I needed. They got everything ready for Grant and I so that when my dad got there, he could just grab it and continue on to Salt Lake. Grant was still with Mike and Raquel at this point. My dad was picking him up also.

Meanwhile, I was pretty much freaking out on the airplane. I absolutely am TERRIFIED of flying. During takeoff, I kind of broke down and made the paramedic hold my hand during take off! He was so nice. I promised him I wouldn't tell his wife! He said he was sure she wouldn't care!

It only took about a half an hour to get to the hospital. Once there, they rolled Nathan into the MICU and sent me into the waiting room. I got in but Nathan's phone was dead and the courtesy phone would not dial long distance.

Then I met the most wonderful lady ever, Sid. Her brother was also in the MICU but they had no idea what was wrong. She just hugged me and held me and talked to me until my mom got there, she also lent me her phone.

Slowly everyone started trickling in. My mom got there and then Nathan’s sister Melissa and her husband, followed by his parents and finally my dad and Erica.

We all just hung around and didn’t hear very much about the whole situation. They finally let me go in and see him. He was still unresponsive but it was mostly due to the sedation medication they had him on.

Finally, later that night, the phlebotomist came in to take some blood from Nathan. That woke him up and he sat right up and pretty much freaked out. The nurses talked to him and explained to him what was going on. He then fell right back to sleep.

The next day Nathan finally woke up for good and by that afternoon they were able to take his breathing tube out. He was pretty happy about that. Last night at around 1:30 in the morning, they were able to move in from the MICU. That was also great.

Now we are just waiting while the doctors run tests after tests. Initially, when we had gotten to the hospital, the main belief was that it actually was an accidental drug over dose but not from him. They figured that the meds the doctor had prescribed him were just way too much and his body could not handle it.

I just got back to the hospital because they decided to do a heart probe and they now have a new prognosis. Endocrionitis (I think is what it’s called). They think that he got an infection from his surgery. The infection built up in his heart and eventually broke off and went to his brain which caused everything to happen!

We don’t know for sure if this is the case, but it is more consistent with the spots on his brain and the damage to his heart.

I am just so extremely happy that I am able to talk to my husband! I felt so desperate and hopeless thinking I would never get to hold his hand or kiss him again. I would never wish this kind of devastation on anyone. You really don’t really how crazy in love you are with someone until you almost lose them. Nathan really truly is my best friend in the whole world and I absolutely don’t know what I would do without him.

On another note, Mike, Raquel, Terry, Justin, Sid, Mom, and Dad, and everyone! I can’t thank you enough for everything. I truly have the most amazing friends and family. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have any of them there! Thank you all so much again! Continue to keep Nathan in your prayers and hope for a full recovery! I’ll update soon and sorry this is ridiculously long!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nathan Update

Hi everyone. I am sure a lot of you have heard but for those of you who have not, here you go. Nathan was life
Flghted to the U of U hospital in Salt Lake. We don't know what is wrong. He had his surgery Friday. He stayed home because he was really sick. I got home and couldn't wake him ip. He was barely beathing. My home teacher and his wife were over and they came downstairs. I called 911 and they came. They life flighted him and here we are. No one knows what is wrong. He's in the ICU. I am an emotional wreck but am feeling better because he woke up for a second and was finally responsive. Please remember Nathan in your prayers. I will write more later but I am exhausted. Good night.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"So Long! Farewell! Bla bla bla...!"

It's finally out! My IUD is gone! I asked the doctor to stomp on it when he got it out. He said he forgot to! What can you do?

Anyway, I went in for surgery Friday morning. Not too much fun! I was soooo nervous. My doctor started getting into all of the terrible things that could happen. He said worst case scenario, he would have to perform a full on c-section to get it out! I was terrified that I would wake up and have this huge cut across my stomach.

Luckily everything went great. It only took him about an hour to get it out. It was underneath my uterus resting on my intestines. Best part of all, he only had to make two little incisions. One in my belly button and one really really low. Like lower than the lowest low rise jeans ever.

I'm feeling pretty good. Pretty sore. My stomach is still poking out a little bit because of the swelling. All in all, I am just super happy the stupid thing is gone!

Would I ever get one again -and IUD-? H-E-Double Hockey Sticks NO!

By the way. Here's a tribute to Castle View Hospital! It gets a bad rap because it's a small town and if one bad thing happens, the entire town hears about it and freaks out. Seriously though, if I have the opportunity, I will have every single one of my kids there, and any other procedures I need.

I had to have nose surgery when I was 16 up north and the care was awful. They just get you in and out as fast as they can! Every experience I have had with Castle View has been so wonderful. I have had the greatest nurses and doctors! I am going to miss Dr. Nielson too. I've been to a lot of doctors moving around so much and he is amazing! Thanks Dr. N for not having to do a c-section either! Whew!

Do you love the smiley face they drew on my bandage to surprise me when I woke up?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh my Grant!

It's kind of hard to see what it going on in this picture, so let me paint a scenario using words! The other day while I was in Green River, I had to run to the laundry mat because our dryer is currently out of order (and I'm not going to lie, I really like drying my clothes there because it goes so fast). I was loading some of the wet clothes into my truck while Grant was running around the front yard!

This Saturn car has been parked in front of my house for I don't even know how long and I had no idea whose it was. I looked up to check on Grant and he was in the car! So I ran over to go get him and what do you know, he locked the door! I went around to my neighbors frantically asking each of them if this was their vehicle or if they knew to whom it belonged! None of my neighbors had any idea. So, my one neighbor called the police for me so we could get him at. While she was on the phone, I heard a click and Grant had unlocked the door and my neighbor was able to inform the police that all was well! Thank goodness!

I wonder if the owner's of the car had any suprises when they finally came and picked it up?