Monday, January 26, 2009


What a fun and crazy January month it has been. First off, I am about ready to throw both of my computers out of the window. We lost EVERYTHING on our desktop because it had to be wiped and my lap top has decided to not read any discs, so, it really complicates my life! Besides that, things have been great. I am officially half way through my first semester of school. Actually, Wednesday will be half way. Crazy huh? I have not had a parking ticket since high school and all of a sudden, two in one week. The irony being that they were at two different gyms. You'd think going to the gym I'd be willing to walk a little ways to get inside. It's just that when it is freezing outside... Anyways, I was pretty ticked. When I got the second one, I was sitting in the car and shouted "F', just the letter not the word, next thing I hear is Grant mimicking what I said. Guess it's time to start watching what I say!
Now, take a minute for a little visual. Imagine this, but with my face, on a moving treadmill, and with less mud. Got it? Now for the story. I was at the gym in Price working out. I was doing my running portion of the workout on a treadmill. Next thing I know, I was down on the treadmill trying to crawl back up but couldn't get a grip because it was moving. Finally, I sat down and let the treadmill throw me off. There were about ten people in there staring and laughing at me. Carli informed me later that it reminded her of the Shakira music video when Shakira is crawling through the mud! Hence the pictures!

We have also gotten a ton of freezing cold, wet, nasty snow. Grant obviously doesn't think the same way as I because he couldn't wait to get his little hands in it. Here are some fun pictures of him and Nathan playing in the snow.

Hope everyone is having a great time freezing there booties off!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tonight George W. Bush will give his farewell speech. I want to say thank you to President Bush. I think he is a great guy and has been blamed for a lot of things that were out of his hands. I respect him for his morals and values and think the way the media has treated him is just sick and wrong. Everyone talks about poor Britney Spears "Oh the media was so hard on her and this is why she broke down" "Oh poor Britney, she just can't get out of the lime light" and bla bla bla. I really don't feel bad for her because President Bush has had it 1 MILLION times worse than her and he absolutely is not allowed to break down! You think that people would learn there lesson from Britney's whole break down, crazy episode though. Anyways, President Bush, I am going to miss you. It's been an eventful but great 8 years. Thanks again for everything.

P.S. If you have something negative to say about Bush, don't bother posting it because I will just delete it. This is my personal thank you and I don't want anyone trying to ruin it. I have a lot of respect for this man and would appreciate the same show of respect to myself in return. Thanks! Feel free to write your own thank you message to him though. The man deserves a little praise and knowledge that he is supported!

P.P.S. Happy ONE YEAR anniversary on the 16th Logan!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mullet Fun

So Erica has been taking cosmetology this year! Isn't she just amazing? Only one more year and she will graduate, then she can do this for YOU!

And here is a video of Grant. My poor child but it is just too funny! I freakin love this kid!