Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday fun and a husband!!!

Man I LOVE these guys!!!

Life has been great lately. First of all, I got a HUGE surprise last two weeks ago, January 30 to be exact. Nathan got to come home for his two weeks of leave! I had an inkling something was going on when I opened my bank account and it said I had purchased food at pizza hut in Kuwait. At first I thought maybe Nathan's card had been stolen, but then I started thinking and remember Nathan had told me that when they come home, they stop in Kuwait first and then fly from there. Anyway, it was an amazing surprise and I cried! Grant freaked and was like "daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy" and Carter went right to him, which was even more crazy, because Carter pretty much hates everyone but me!

Next most exciting thing, my sweet baby boy Carter turned 1! I cannot believe it either. Where did the time go! He is just the sweetest, cutest little guy and I can't get enough of him. Dang it, now I want to go upstairs and give him a kiss while he sleeps! We had a big birthday party at the rec center for him and Grant, who will turn 4 on Friday, and which I also cannot believe and want to go give him a huge kiss now also, and had tons of friends and family come and join us for the fun! Here's some pics! Hope you love!