Monday, August 17, 2009

I never know what to title my posts as....

So life has been pretty uneventful lately with the exception of a few exciting things that have happened. First, the most exciting event was Nathan suprising me at four o'clock in the morning. He had been in California for 6 weeks and was scheduled to stay until October. Well, one of his tools burned up and he can't go on any jobs until it is fixed so he drove all day and night, and came home. He literally scared the doody out me though. He has to head back tomorrow and I wont see him again til October, but it has been awesome having him home. Grant and I have missed him like crazy. So I officially am transferring schools, Grand Canyon University, and starting work on my bachelors degree in history. I am ECSTATIC. Hopefully soon I'll be just like Indiana Jones fighting off bad guys while I uncover some mysterious ancient historical secret!

My friend Juanita threw a big birthday party and had me make the cake. It was super fun and I think it turned out to be my best. Everyone really loved it to so that's always a plus.
Juanita and her hubby Jorge making some awesome carne asada!
We stayed in Price for a little while this last month because my house was sooooo stinkin' hot I couldn't handle it. Carli and Grant got in a nice little water fight in the front yard. It was so cute. Grant kept telling Carli when she had the hose "my turn, my turn Carsee."
We also had a Southam family reunion party kind of thing. Nathan's mom threw a 24th of July party. It was a lot of fun and of course, I forgot my camera. What can you do?

The pregnanacy is going pretty well also. I feel pretty much the exact same as I did with Grant. I'm hoping for another boy but we'll see. I haven't been running but I have still been hitting the rec center because I am determined to not get super chubby like I did with Granny Fanny.

Grant is talking more and more all the time. I think we may have finally broken him of the habit of yelling "shut up" in the middle of a public area. He can't get enough of four wheelers, trucks, planes, anything that moves. I swear he can spot a plane from a mile away. He does this funny little thing now all the time where he lifts up his front leg and yells "watch this". Then he takes off as fast as he can and runs around the room. I love it. He is the funniest boy. I can't wait til he is a big brother. I ask him all the time where mommies baby it and he slaps my tummy. We're still working on the being gentle thing!

I think that about sums up my life lately. It's been nice to just kind of relax and enjoy things day by day, not having tons of things planned and going crazy. Hope everyone else is having a great summer!