Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing!

I got a new "toy" for my camera! It's called the control freak lens, by lensbaby! I am having soooo much fun with it! My spring wreath! We finally made it home from Arizona! Let me just tell you what a trip that was. After leaving wayyyy later than we intended to, getting stopped by a Navajo Native American asking for either a ride or money (and then settling for the two quarters I had on hand), taking an accidental little "detour" to Colorado, and dealing with two screaming boys, I was ready for a vacation from my vacation! We did have a great time though! It was wonderful to see friends and family and to see a little sunshine; something long forgotten in our summer forsaken land of Wyoming.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arizona 2011!

My cousin Natalie got married this weekend in beautiful, sunny Arizona! We came down, and are actually still here, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Here are some fun pictures I snapped of the wedding! She looked GORGEOUS! Congratulations cuz! I'll post more pictures of our actual trip when I get back home to Wyoming!

Friday, March 11, 2011

World Traveler!

Today was such an exciting day; Nathan and I officially booked our trip to Europe!!! We will fly into Paris and travel, via railroad, to Amsterdam, Berlin, Poland (Auschwitz), Prague, Rome, and Italy. We are spending 21 days child free! I literally cannot contain my excitement, and nerves (I HATE flying)!

Besides that, life has been somewhat uneventful! The weather has been warm-ish here lately so we have been taking advantage of it and ventured outside for a few hours over the last few days. Here's a few pics of my studly men!

I love his little curls!