Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Day in the Life of Toni and Grant

So this post is mostly for my little guy because I haven't posted any pictures of him lately because I lost my charger for my camera so I haven't been able to take any pictures! I am super camera happy though, now that I have it back! I'm just going to write under each picture too. I figured it would be easier instead of just scrolling to the bottom and trying to figure out what in the world I was talking about!
This is me. You are probably thinking what a freak but I have been working out like crazy (I'm running my first 5k this weekend and I am so excited) and trying so hard to lose some weight so I don't think there is anything wrong with posting my results. And yes my room is trashed!

First of all, this is a glimpse from my backyard of Green River. It's a really neat place. It's really "hilly" too. When we first moved here, I was afraid to drive up my road in the winter time because it gets sooo slick and we are at the top of the hill on our street!
We finally got our new carpet in downstairs. I don't think that I posted this, but our basement flooded and our carpet was ruined. It took almost two months to get our new carpet in but I LOVE it! It looks awesome!
Carpet on the stairs. Kind of a funky picture.
A glimpse of the downstairs with the carpet. I love the way this room has turned out. Don't mind the pile of socks on the couch that I have neglected to fold!
Here is Grant helping mom and dad paint. Nathan and I were experimenting with our downstairs bedroom and Grant wanted to help so badly so we gave him some old paint and an old roller and he had the time of his life! It was so cute.
Here is my little man golfing! I found the cutest little plastic gold set at Pamida today for 5 bucks! I couldn't pass it up and it seemed to be a good investment!
Cheeto man! I am pretty sure Grant would not hesitate to kill someone who got in the way of his cheetos!
More Cheeto man!
Here is Grant playing in the back yard on our slide. He loves it out there. My original plan was to make a post about "A Day in the Life of Grant" but all the pictures are out of order and I don't really have the motivation to go back and fix it! But...these are all in the same day. It was a lot of fun!
Mommy and Grant!
After a long day...Grant just couldn't stay awake any longer. Now, I know what you are thinking, where is his carseat? Well, he threw up in it earlier and I am in the process of washing it and I had to run somewhere!!!!
This is at one of our friends little girl's birthday party. This was the tricycle she got that was a huge hit with everyone. Grant and Teegan are having a great time playing with it!
Walking around the park at the birthday party. I guess Green River has like 15 parks. Or so I have heard. I wish it just stayed warmer here longer because there are so many fun, recreational things to do.
More of Grant golfing. Actually, he just kind of slam the clubs on the ground!
More of Grant golfing!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

101 things to do in 1001 days

I saw this on a friends blog so I decided to copy it! It just seems like a fun idea and good motivation! Some are a little far stretched so wish me luck!

1. Have another child!
2. Have a scrapbook finished for everyone in my family!
3. Run a 10k marathon!
4. Run a half marathon!
5. Buy a piano!
6. Give someone a Book of Mormon!
7. Finish getting a college degree (in what, I don't know)!
8. Visit a 3rd world country and do some sort of service project (preferably somewhere in South America)!
9. Go to Peru and see Machu Pichu and the Nazca Lines and everything else!
10. Redo Grant's bedroom!
11. Build a house!
12. Get a big chunk of money saved up (like 10,000 plus)!
13. Buy a Mercedes (which might interfere with number 12, probably won't happen)!
14. Go on a cruise!
15. Be allowed back in the movie theater here (long story haha)!
16. Watch all the Star Wars movies (I have never seen them)!
17. Read the "Work and the Glory" series (never read those either)!
18. Finish this list because I am already running out of ideas!
19. Go out to eat with my cousin Alicia in Salt Lake again with no kids and maybe throw in some shopping time!
20. Finish painting my kitchen!
21. Finish painting all the little things that still need painted in my house.
22. Force myself to eat a vegetable at least a few times a week (I hate them that badly)!
23. Spend a whole two weeks in Arizona and visit all my family.
24. Go to a Phoenix Suns game.
25. Watch the 3rd season of Desperate Housewives!
26. Read to Grant EVERY night! Not just a few times a week!
27. Finish the B.O.M. 4 times.
28. Don't pick my mascara off for an entire week straight!
29. Send a card once a month to different friends telling them how much they mean to me.
30. Try curry!
31. Go on a vacation with just the girls in my family.
32. Learn to water ski!
33. Go to Cheyenne because I have never been there and I live in Wyoming.
34. Go snowboarding (never done that either).
35. Finish sending out baby presents to all of my millions of pregnant friends!
36. Pick my little brother up from Chile in Janaury of 2010!
37. Try sushi!
38. Finish reading Jane Eyre (I just can't seem to finish it)!
39. Dye my hair (it really needs it).
40. Cut my hair!
42. Get my heart rate down to 115in two minutes after hitting 92% of my watchamacallit! We did that in spinning the other day and my only got down to 130.
43. Go to a protest for something!
44. Go to another Broadway play. On or off Broadway!
45. Buy some new workout clothes!
46. Buy another pair of designer jeans!
47. Go to a temple I haven't been to before.
48. Read the last book of the Twilight series that coming out.
49. Go to an Ikea.
50. Redo our downstairs bathroom.
51. Finish the carpet downstairs.
52. Go camping.
53. Go tubing down the Green River.
54. Go kayaking down the Green River.
55. Make curtains for my upstairs (or buy)
56. See my friend Tiffanie and her new baby.
57. See my friend Shelley and her new baby.
58. See Ashley when she has her new baby.
59. Finish the new season of the Bachlorette.
60. Go to my little sisters graduation.
61. Take my little brother driving.
62. Finish our bedroom.
63. Send some pictures to my brother on his mission.
64. Throw Grant a birthday party for his 2 year.
65. Set someone up on a date.
66. Scrapbook with my friend Lindsey once a month.
67. Go to Sheradin, Wy with my friend Lindsey.
68. Call my friend Tiffanie and remind her about the time she passed out after my surgery, so we can have a good laugh!
69. Get a spray tan!
70. Buy a pair of designer jeans for an awesome price like my aunt does.
71. Visit my friend Kayli because I haven't seen her in ages.
72. Actually play in the snow when it happens.
73. Go to Bear Lake with my family.
74. Go on a cruise to Alaska with Nathan and his friend Brian and his fiance Jessie.
75. Get a battery charger for my camera so I can actually take some pictures.
76. Give my hubby a big smooch and tell him how much I love him.
77. Alphabetize my dvds AGAIN! They got all ruined because of the flood!
78. Clean out our garage.
79. Potty train Grant.
80. Get a new Phoenix Suns jersey.
81. Teach Grant to love the Suns as much as I do.
82. Get better at yoga.
83. Visit my cousin Leslie because I haven't seen her in ages too.
84. Fix our ceiling in the basement.
85. Beat my latest record of level 22 of Tetris on my phone!
86. Mail my in-laws the picture of Grant I was suppose to give them like 4 months ago.
87. Think of more things to add to this list.
88. Watch "The Kite Runner". I've already read the book.
89. Get my scanner to work on my computer.
90. Go on vacation with my best friend Ashley and her family. We always talk about it, we just haven't ever done it!
91. Take Grant swimming more often.
92. Wake up at 7 am once and not take a nap during the day! (What can I say, I'm a sleepy girl)!
93. Read 101 books, big, small, doesn't matter!
94. Buy a basketball hoop.
95. Get my truck detailed.
96. Get the oil changed in my truck.
97. Get an HD dvd player.
98. Get a new cell phone.
99. Call a friend I haven't talked to in awhile.
100. Run the 5k Flaming Gorge Marathon on Saturday.
101. Get rid of my love handles! (If you have any advice, feel free to comment me and tell me)!!!!