Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I LOVE Steve Nash!!!!

So, the other night Nathan, Grant and I went to our annul Phoenix Suns vs The Utah Jazz game. We were hoping to go with my best friend Ashely and her husband Matt but we could just not find four tickets anywhere. Sorry Ash. Anyways, so we ended up getting tickets in the THIRD row. That's right! THIRD row. It was the most amazing thing ever. The best part is though, we got there about an hour early and...I got Steve Nash's autograph and got to touch his hand. That's right. Two time MVP, God of Basketball, Mr. Pick and Roll himself, Steve Nash! I seriously was shaking like a crazy lady. I was SO excited. Grant was wearing his Nash jersey and I handed Grant to him. If you've seen Talledega Nights, I was just like that crazy lady that was all "sign my baby"! ha ha. So, here are some of the pictures from the game.
Incase any of you are wondering, the Suns got their butts kicked. Oh, and for some reason the computer I am on is dumb and it won't let me go back and edit this so it's all funky! Sorry!
How could Steve Nash resist this face?
Amare Stoudemire doing squats!

Warm up for Na na na Nash!!!

Here's our awesome signed jersey.

Shaq is HUGE!!!!

Matt Barnes is awesome!
Family portrait!
The opening!
Yeah it's the Jazz but it's still a cool pic!

Nash got pushed down!

I went to high school with this girl on the Weber State cheer squad. They performed during half time! Her names Mandy!

Grant had SOOO much fun!

Go Suns!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hot or Not and More Reading

So, the other day I was watching Ugly Betty on ABC and lo and behold, Betty had my skirt on. Now I'm just trying to figure out if this is a good thing or a bad thing?
Also, I have still been on my reading kick. I decided I'll just put a couple of things about each book and whether I liked it or not. Maybe it will inspire a few of you to read. I know I am always looking for a good book so if you are also, well, look and see and maybe something will spark your interest.

I really like books by Daniel Silva. I didn't know that this was a series and accidentally read the last one first but it was still really good. They are about espionage. So, if your are looking for a good spy book, here is one. Warning, they swear in it! Not a ton but there still is some.
I didn't really know what this book was when I started it. It's a true story about the auther, Douglas Preston and his friend Mario Spezi who start doing research into a case. It's about a serial killer who murders couples in Florence, Italy. To this day, they have never found the killer. It's also a pretty good book. It's a little graphic though and they also swear in it.
This is the first book in Daniel Silva's "Gabrielle Allon" spy series. I really liked this one a lot! Once again, some swearing.
I haven't actually finished this book yet, but so far it's super cute. It has a Harry Potter"esque" sort of tone. It's about a young girl named Meggie who thinks that her father is just a book binder when he is kidnapped and she finds out there is a lot more to her father than she knows, including the reason her father will not read out loud to her!
This is the kind of sequel to The Giver. I liked it a lot. It's pretty short and easy reading. I wouldn't say I loved it but it was overall really good.
My little brother told me I had to read the Artemis Fowl books. I'm actually on the second one. Once again, I wouldn't say I LOVE them but they are good and great for passing the time.
This book is NOT for the weak in testimony. It started out SOO good I couldn't put it down. All the way up until the last little bit when Dan Brown totally disappointed me. Let's face it, the man hates organized religion and God. So, yes, it was generally an awesome book with an intense story line, but don't be fooled, nothing is what it seems to be.
Loved this book and I can't wait to see the movie. It has so many good lessons in it. I really really recommend reading it. It's just wonderful. It's not too long either.
A Christmas Carol, also a Christmas classic. I have grown up watching the movie Scrooge every Christmas for as long as I can remember but I haven't ever actually read the book. First off, if you haven't seen the movie "Scrooge" I HIGHLY recommend it. It's a musical version of the classic story "A Christmas Carol" and so far the best version I have seen of all the making of it. The book is just as great as the movie. I love it and totally recommend reading it, especially as Christmas draws nearer!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The True Edward

So, in light of the new Twilight movie, I took matters into my own hands to pick out who I think the true Edward should be because I am SOOO disappointed in the person they picked for Edward. I mean, I was disappointed when he played Cedric Diggory. Clearly, the English don't know "more beautiful than life itself".
Now, I'm not going to lie, and please don't egg my car for saying this, I just don't think Twilight was THAT amazing. Parts of it were AWESOME and I wanted to die, but overall, I think the biggest reason I like them the most is because I love Stephenie Meyer!
Anyways, now for the big reveal...tell me what you think. On a scale of 1-10, how Edwardian do you think he is?

By the way, this is Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. If you haven't watched it, I totally recommend it! It's freakin awesome. I totally love it. My little sister Erica and her best friend Desiree totally set aside Monday nights so we can watch it! Oh, and I don't think these pictures actually do him justice. You will just have to watch Gossip Girl to understand what I am talking about!

Oh yes, I just thought I would add, my parents are on a cruise right now with....... Mitt Romney!!! Ah! They sat right by him for lunch the first day and then went to the pool where just he and his wife were. They actually got to talk to him for a while. Then, they do a drill thingy on cruises and they stood right next to him! Anyways...for more on "Mitt watch" check here daily. I will post events as they happen! Mitt for pres. 2012!!! It's never to early to hope!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm Sorry!

Have you ever hurt someone you loved?
Who is one of your very best friends in the whole world?
Who has always been there for you no matter what?
How do you make up to someone who is like your "older sister you never had" and make things back to the way they were before?

This is for one of my best friends who I have known since birth! I'm sorry! There is not a really good excuse for the reasons I said what I said. I guess, I did it because at the time, it seemed like everything I had, everyone I had, I had lost. It felt as if you were slipping away also. You are my stone when things are hard. The only one that can really understand because you experience a lot of the same things I do! I felt like I was losing you too and if it were going to be so, then it would be on my terms. Maybe you can understand. Sometimes we do crazy things when we are at the end of our ropes!

I just want you to know that you are one of the most amazing people I know. You do so much good and you have always been a HUGE example to me. Wether it be church, or just letting me know that some of the things I like are totally dorky!

I know that this probably is not enough to make up for everything but I hope it will be a start. I hope you can forgive me and maybe regard me as a friend again! I understand if things will never be the same, I'm willing to try, but I know that if it's not what you want, I can comply!

Know that I am always here for you no matter what. I love you and appreciate you!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Reasons I did NOT vote for Obama!

Beware....very long post ahead!

I think a lot of people can agree that last night was quite the shocking and disappointing evening. I did a lot of thinking though and decided that if I want the best life for my family, the best thing I can do is be supportive of our new president and hope that he will make good decisions that will lead our counrty into success.
Now, after reading his acceptance speach, I have completely lost my respect for this man. In John McCain's speech, it summed up exactly what kind of person he was. A great person that truly does want what is best for this country, Obama not so much. He made it a point to criticize and belittle John McCain. Seriously, his entire speech was Anti- John McCain. What can of man is that? All Obama cares about is himself and becoming president. Shouldn't he have been focused on the things he will do, not the things he won't do.
For all you people out there that had so much faith and hope in Obama, what do you think about the fact that he has made promises to all of us that things will get better. That he is going to tax the upper class in hopes that it will bring on a better life for the rest of us. That us middle class and lower class will finally get the break we deserve but wait...there's a catch. Last night in Obama's speech, he said that now we are all going to have to sacrifice. Wait...I thought that he was going to put a higher tax on the upper class and big business so that all we have sacrificed over this last year and beyond, people losing their homes, their jobs, cars, ect...we would finally have a break. What more do we have to sacrifice Mr. Obama? So many of us are already without so much. I think everyone of us out there knows someone personally that has lost something in this financial crisis, if not ourselves.
The thing I don't understand the very most about him though is that fact that he can support abortion. Obama says, and this is a direct quote from his acceptance speech, "I will build new partnerships to defeat the threats of the 21st century: terrorism and nuclear proliferation, poverty and genocide, climate change and disease." Note the word genocide. Did you know that over a million abortions are performed a year? Isn't that genocide?
How can we trust the judgement of a man who has no moral issues with killing innocent babies, but letting murderous criminals live. Letting our tax dollars go and pay so that they can live in a cell, free food, free living, free education!
He talks about the value of family. How can you value family when it is so easy for you to destroy the thing that makes a family?
Abortion is NEVER okay. I don't care if you have been rapped or not. You can hate the rappist, hate the situation, but don't hate the innocent child. I know personally, many many families that would adopt a product of rape child without a second thought and it would make no difference to them how the baby was conceived. Don't think I am an insensitive person for saying these things. I could not imagine the pain and anger a rape victim must go through, but killing this baby is not going to make what happened go away. If anything, it will turn a bad situation worse. Why not let something good come out of such an ugly scenario and give the baby to a loving, willing family. Give this child a chance at life!
And for those ladies out there that get pregnant and just don't want to deal, news flash, you made this decision to have sex. The number one purpose of sex is to procreate. It doesn't matter if you used protection and it failed, it wasn't an accident because once again, the sole purpose of sex is to procreate!
I have also said this before, back to the housing market. How is raising the capital gains tax going to help anyone what so ever? The few people out there that still have the time and ability to sale their house, now won't be able to because they won't be able to afford it.
Obama talks about us all being equal. All being entitled to the same rights. I agree, but wasn't Obama the man that went to Rev. Wright for over twenty years? The man that says flat out how much he hates whites. Last time I checked, don't white people deserve to have rights and be equal too? This is coming from a girl who is 50 percent Puerto Rican and is proud of her Latina heritage. And tell me this, how are we all equal if just because you make more money, because you have worked your butt off, your extra money should go to the white trash of this world so they can buy more booze, cigarettes and have more abortions.
Obviously right now I am incredibly bitter. Sore loser, probably, but more so, disappointed. I really feel like if people honestly did there research, we would have heard a different acceptance speech from a different man. People need to turn off their MTV and go and do their own research and develop their own opinion.
Obama talks about change, well, quite frankly, I'd rather things stay the same than have them go completely down hill the way it will when Obama takes office. He is a radical and a socialist. His health care plan is completely ridiculous. Ever wonder why all Brits have such horrid teeth? Because they are on the same health plan that Obama wants us to turn to.
I leave this little speech of mine with a scripture from the new testament. I think everything in this scripture describes Obama pretty well. "This know also that in the last days, perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves. Covetous, bosters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful unholy. With out natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good."
Please God, bless America!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Norsey's suppose to be a bumble bee!

So, we had a great Halloween! Grant had a little fever but once we got going, it didn't seem to bother him anymore! I also chopped off about 7 plus inches of hair, which Nathan said he absolutely can not see a difference! And best of all, I caught some boys, red handed, trying to smash my beautiful pumpkins! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!