Monday, September 10, 2007

Mi casa es su casa!

Here are a few pictures of our house. I decided to post them because I am pretty sure that like 99% of you will probably never come up to Wyoming and see it. I can't say I blame you either. It's really that unexciting up here! We bought the house back in January. It's 2100 square feet. 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and includes carpet on the downstairs bathroom floor and black roses painted on the walls in our room!!! Oh and we can't leave out the peach and blue cabinets in the kitchen. We have remodeled almost the whole entire thing. We still have quite a bit to do but it's hard to finish it because of Nathan's crazy schedule. I don't really have too many decorations up just yet either but we are getting there. One step at a time.
1-2 Upstairs living room
3-4 Upstairs bathroom
5 Dining room
6 Grant's nursery
7-9 Downstairs family room
10 Upstairs living room

Daddy and Me

Here are a few pictures of Nathan and Grant. This is especially for those of you who still not met my husband in the three years we have been together, dating and married. He really does exist! Grant sure loves his daddy.

Growing like a weed,

On Saturday, Grant and his cousin Wylee, who was visiting for the weekend, were hanging out in Grant's crib. I looked over and saw that Grant was standing. I thought it might be a fluke but sure enough, we sat him down and he pulled himself up again. It was so exciting. I ran out and got Nathan! I can't believe how big he is getting. By the way, the horribly ugly blue blinds are going in the trash as soon as we get around to getting new ones.
The latter pictures were taken at my mom's house about a week before. He loves to sit on the floor, play with his toys, and of course, smiling.

Vroom Vroom

Nathan and I recently bought

a four wheeler. We brought it down to Price to try it out because Price has so many fun places to go off roading not to mention my family lives there. Grant seems to love it also. Nathan and I ride together with him in between us. We can only go like two miles an hour, but he still has so much fun! Anyways... here are a few pictures of Grant with Uncle Andrew on the four wheeler together.