Saturday, March 20, 2010

This was at the hotel in Salt Lake! Grant and I had a great time jumping on the beds!
So life is absolutely crazy with two kids. I have time for, well...nothing! That's okay though, I am loving life with my guys!
Carter just turned 5 weeks old and is getting fat really fast! He went to the doctor's when he was just a day shy of 4 weeks and was already at 8 pounds; the little chunkster has doubled his birth weight since! He eats like a horse, and poops like one too!
Grant is starting love his brother more and more all the time. He always wants to hold Carter and then of course he makes me take a picture of it. When we were at the doctor's, they brought Carter back to weigh him and do their thing and Grant got so upset and started asking "Where's my Carter?" It was so cute. Much better than their first meeting when Grant slammed the door on the nurse and shouted that the baby was gone!
Nathan actually got to come home again for a few days also! It was wonderful!!! We went and spent the night in Salt Lake and bought a new fridge, washer, and dryer; it's been national appliance-kick-the-bucket month for us! He left for drill on Thursday night and then will head back to California on Sunday. Hopefully I will also be going out to Cali at the beginning of April to stay with him until he goes to Afghanistan.
I really can't believe he has to go. We have known about it for over a year but I thought for sure things would change. I was definitely wrong. He really really really has to go! I hate it and try not to think about it because it just kills me to think of him there in all that craziness and danger. It also kills me that he is going to miss Carter's whole infancy. When Nathan gets home Carter will be over a year. Ugh...anyway, enough of feeling bad for myself. I hope everyone is doing great and hopefully life will slow down a little so I can blog a little more often and show off pictures of my adorable little boys! I just love them!