Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Chronicles!

We had such a great and busy time this Christmas season! Here are some fun pictures of some of our adventures.
We went to a cookie party for the kids. Besides the fact it was a little chaotic, we had a great time. By the way, nerds on cookies just evaporate in the oven!

This is Grant's new "thing!" Everytime I take a picture of him lately he closes his eyes. I am not sure why but it is pretty funny.

Helping "Mommy Toni" -that's what he has been calling me lately- wrap Christmas presents!

Too much excitement for one night; Grant conked out at the top of the stairs!

Here's my 30 week baby bump. People still don't realize I'm pregnant. I have had one person, just one, ask me if I was expecting. Oh, and do you love my super cute maternity jeans. My first pair. I finally gave. They are Rock and Republics and I got the best deal EVER, which is great because they are the most comfortable maternity jeans ever!
Arroz con gondulez minus the gondulez. Nathan and I went to 7 stores trying to find them with no such luck!
Pernil! More awesome Puerto Rican food. Our family tradition is to cook this way every Christmas. I absolutely love it and it turned out great!

Christmas morning!
Grant had a hard time getting enthusiastic about opening presents at first but he quickly got into the groove of things!

Eyes closed!
Eyes closed again!
Making sure his eyes are closed! Now Grant is all ready for our annual Jazz vs Suns game which takes place on the 25th. I can't wait! Maybe I will get to touch Steve Nash again!
More eye closing! He got a "Mack" -which he calls every semi-truck- from Grandma and Grandpa Southam and he just can't get enough of it! Thanks guys!
And this is proof that we are definitely turning into Wyomingites! This picture kind of makes me think of Dale Gribble from King of the Hill riding his lawn mower in his undies!

Overall we had a great Christmas. Nathan was allowed to come home for a few days which was awesome. We just hung out around the house and enjoyed each other's company, I am on break from school so it was extra awesome! On Christmas day we went and saw Sherlock Holmes and then Nathan left early this morning! Grant had so much fun with his daddy. He sure does love him. We miss him so much all the time. I can't wait to move to California and be a family again one day. Hopefully soon! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas season and have a great up-coming New Year!

P.S. Logan comes home on Thursday!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Viva California!!!

What a week what a week. I am pretty sure I have consumed more calories in the last week then I have for the entire first 11 months of 2009 combined. I have good reason though. I finally had the opportunity to fly to California and meet up with my long lost husband. Some of you may remember him, for those of you who do not, his name is Nathan and he is has been in California since July. I think I have seen him maybe 4 times since he left. We both hate this situation so much but are grateful that he is working and making money.

I flew out on Tuesday morning from SLC in LAX. The flight was awesome too, which was great because I am terrified of flying. When I am nervous I like to talk so the poor guy next to me got an earful. I also learned a lot about him! For example, his name is Houston, he's from Alabama but living in L.A. He's also lived in Spain and South Africa. He attended college in Boston and has worked for the last 8 years producing movies. He has a Chihuahua and has been dating his girlfriend for three months who is from Venezuela!!! That poor man, I just had to talk to keep from being scared!

Nathan picked me up at the airport and we stayed at the Hyatt Regency. The most amazing hotel EVER, all 4 1/2 stars of it. Oh and did I mention I got the BEST deal EVER. 57 dollars a night! I only believe in Priceline when it comes to buying hotels.

We went to Disneyland on Wednesday and had sooooo much fun. This was Nathan's very first time and he loved it. Here are a few pics.

The Haunted Mansion was AWESOME. Everything was "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and it was the cutest thing ever!

This tree was HUGE!

After two nights in L.A. we went to this tiny little town near Bakersfield called Kernville and stayed in this super cute little inn. They had the best breakfast ever and we just hung out and relaxed the whole time. Nathan even got to do a little fishing while he was there. My Camera died and I had to buy a disposable one so when I develop it I will put more pictures up.

Saturday morning we checked out and headed to Bakersfield so Nathan could show me our new stomping grounds. It's true, really for real this time we are moving to California. He officially has signed the transfer letter and everything. I'm not sure when I will get down here because I am going to stay in Green River til our house sells while Nathan rents a small apartment with Nate, one of the guys he works with here. We also have another HUGE surprise coming in July, which I can't talk about yet, so really I won't be moving here for quite some time. It's a really confusing situation.

That's about our life in a nutshell. Grant is hanging out with grandma while I am still here in Cali getting ready to head out in the morning. I miss him like CRAZY, but he is so attached to my mom that I don't think he really even notices! I am getting huge and pregnant, not pregnant huge but just huge. In fact no one can even believe I am pregnant because my belly is so small, my butt is huge though! I have packed on the pounds! School is also going great. I LOVE my classes at GCU! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!