Thursday, July 16, 2009

Only me!

The only picture they got of me wake boarding. Awesome, not!

Erica and Carli both rock at wake boarding!
Ugh 2 sippies! I hate those things!

Sam and I had a good laugh posing for the camera at the top of this mountain!

Case of the missing smore solved!

Have I ever told anyone how the most random things happen to me? Okay, so I might mention it like everyday to everyone. But really, I mean the whole IUD thing; who does that happen to? What about Nathan's drug overdose that was actually an accident? Maybe the time Grant locked me out of my house in my undies, or the time he locked himself in a total strangers car and I had to call the police? Did I mention this was just this year? Well, another crazy thing just happened to me that only my life could muster up.

The other day I was driving through and intersection when something caught the corner of my eye. I looked into my rear-view mirror and there is went. My four-wheeler went flying and rolling out the back of my giant lifted truck. It all happened so fast. I know if rolled off the truck and then rolled again. I pulled over expecting to see bent handle bars and chunks of plastic all over but fortunately there was no body damage. After about 5 or so minutes of standing in the middle of the intersection trying to call someone for help because I couldn't flip it over myself, a bunch of painters came running to my rescue. It reminded me a lot of bay watch, accept not as sexy. They came over and got the four-wheeler in. I made it home and had my friend's husband come over and help me unload it. He took around the block and the thing runs like a charm. That bad boy is a beast. I mean a beast! Buy Hondas!

Besides that, my life has been somewhat normal. We had our annual trip to Bear Lake where I actually was able to wake board this year. Did I mention I am like the WORST wake boarder ever? Grant got to take a trip in the boat for the first time this year also. He was so stinkin' cute on it.

In case anyone was wondering from last year, not I did not have any flying phlegm experiences this year where my dad ended up wanting to kill me! Another typical event could only happen in my life.

For those of you who couldn't figure this out from my last post, yes, Nathan and I are expecting numero dos sometime at the end of February beginning of March. I actually started getting suspicious when I was running the Flaming Gorge 5K and ended up having to walk it towards the middle. I started running again to the end and right at the finish line, oh yeah, I upchuked all over.

Fortunately, no one was in my way. Also fortunately, that was my only sickly experience. I have felt one-hundred percent AWESOME this pregnancy. No sickness whatsoever. I have even been able to keep up on my running. Well, not for this last week because I have had a few issues but hopefully everything will work out okay.

Nathan is in Cali right now working, if you can call it that. He sits out by the pool everyday at his hotel, goes out to dinner. I feel really bad for him!

Well that is basically my life in a nutshell. Hope every one is doing great.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting ready for Bear Lake!!!

It's that time of year again! Time to go to Bear Lake! Yay!!! I am so excited. I guess I am going to have to quit smoking the dooby though, I hear it's not good when you're pregnant! Suprise! P.S. I don't really smoke!