Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Prodigal IUD

Except there is nothing happy about its return really, I guess. Actually, I probably should just use an entirely new title. Well, here is the story. I went in to my doctors in September to have my IUD taken out. He couldn't find the strings and said it meant one of two things;My IUD had fallen out or it had gotten turned around, and the strings were not accesible. He said I needed to have an ultra sound done. So, one ultra sound down and no IUD; then another ultra sound and still nothing. They said that this could mean one of two things;My IUD had fallen out or it was floating around in my abdominal cavity and had to be surgically removed. Well, I figured that it most definitely had fallen out because I wasn't in any pain. Well, after 6 months of not being preggers,I had my dad schedule an appointment for an x-ray and.... There it is! Floating around in my body! Awesome! Looks like Nathan and I are going to be hospital buddies because we just found out he tore his miniscus, and has to have surgery on that! Bring it on!!!

P.S. In case you need help finding it, it's the GIANT T just hanging out by itself.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How to drive yourself mad in a matter of days!

This last week has pretty much been the craziest week of my life. After finally getting a full night's rest, I had some time to think and I am pretty sure I have mastered the art of driving yourself mad! So, if you are interested in trying it out, repeat the steps below and I am sure you will succeed! It all began around Thursday of last week. One of my really good friends is having a baby. Well, a friend of hers informed me she wanted to have a baby shower for Lindsey and asked if I could help. So, by Thursday, I realized I had to have the invitations out so I ran to the scrapbook strore and threw these together and got them out! I'm actually excited with the way they turned out for being so last minute!

The next day, my friend Terry's little boy was having his fourth birthday. She is such a great friend and always doing so much for Nathan and I. She always tells me how much she loves my cakes so I decided to suprise her and make her son one for his birthday day. So, I stayed up super late Friday working on the bad boy.
The next morning was my fiirst 5K. It was called the Frost Bite. You think I would have taken the hint from the name and have decided otherwise. So, I dropped Grant off at Raquel's (thanks again by the way) and she watched him while I ran. It was so cold, the first 3 minutes I really didn't think I could do it because my lungs were hurting so bad. Then I warmed up and it wasn't too bad! I had a great time. Later that night, Raquel and I pulled the 'ol switch-e-roo and traded kids. I watched Lincoln that night. It was a lot of fun. I love when Grant and Lincoln play together. It keeps them both occupied. It really makes me want to have another child for Grant to play with. I guess we will just keep trying and hoping!

These are some of the rag quilts I started making this week. Above is the picture of my battle scars. It was awful. I swear EVERYONE under the sun is popping out a kid in the upcoming month!
On Wednesday, I went out to lunch with Raquel and one of my friends from Utah, Nicole K., that just moved here. Her and Raquel are going to start working together so I figured I would introduce them!
These cookies seriously took me like 5 hours to make and they didn't even turn out that amazing. There was frosting EVERYWHERE! That was my all day task for Wednesday.

I ended up going to Salt Lake on Friday with one of my really good friends and his best friend. We had such a great time (no worries, he's gay!). We got a lot of shopping accomplished!

By Saturday morning, I was soooo overwhelmed. I didn't get home until so late on Friday night from Salt Lake. The missionaries called and asked if I had any service projects for them. This was about an hour before the shower and I still had so much to do. So...I comissioned them to come and mop my floor! They knock on the door like 5 minutes later. There were 4 of themHa. It was pretty fun. I felt a little ghetto but hey! They did a great job and then they went to the church and picked up some chairs for me! Thanks so much guys, you saved my life!

Here's the guest of honor Lindsey. I didn't even have a chance to put make-up on. Oh well!

This strawberry limeaide was the BOMB!

We played this game where a baby was frozen in ice. Whoever's ice melted first won because their "water broke"!

Lydia was trying to give Grant a kiss!
Through all of this craziness, I was working on my college finals every night! They took sooooo much time. I turned them in last night 2 minutes before midnight. They actually aren't due til today but I have a no Sunday homework policy! I start my next block of classes tomorrow!