Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our New Ride!!!

I think I have lived in cowboy country too long! What can I say. I am a little confused on who I am. I love hip hop but I drive a big lifted truck?
But wow, it sure is sexy! Grrr!

Nathan and I bought a brand new 2008 Dodge Cummins two weeks ago. It's a lot of fun and way nice! It has a navigation system, sun roof, and everything you can imagine! The back seat is HUGE. I was shocked when I saw it. I was pretty skeptical when Nathan wanted to get a truck because they usually have such small back seats and I didn't want to have to fight to get Grant's car seat back there but I definately do not have that problem. We love it a lot. Here's a few pictures of it.

Arizona Round 2

Creepy picture of Mike and I!!! See the resemblance? Could it possibly be our coolness that brings the resemblance? Something to think about!
Boy what hunky guys! Am I lucky or what? Note- this is a very good picture of Grant's comb-over. Also see picture #14.

This is my Aunt Darlene and for those of you who think the lady holding Grant is my sister, it's not. She is my mother! She is so beautiful and wins the "Total BFF of Toni" award. Which I have to say is quite the accomplishment. Congratulations Agustus! Bruce loves you! (Most of you probably wont get that)!

This is my awesome mother-in-law on her styling new couch!

One of my favorite of the six siblings and my awesome cousin Jean Carlos. Logan and I are competing for the top spot in the family! I am definately winning right now though. After giving my parents their first grandchild, well, how do you top that?

I would like everyone to notice that my son is finally starting to get some more hair. If you look, you can see that he has a perfect comb-over. Very stylish and can come in handy!

Nathan, Grant, and I had the opportunity to go to Arizona together this last weekend. It was kind of a last minute thing. My mom called and said that her and her brothers and sister were throwing a suprise birthday party for my Grandpa Gonzalez. It was his 78th. Nathan actually had the week off (there is a first for everything), so we just hopped in our new truck and headed out. It was so much fun. It seemed like we drove all over the state. We did end up going through four states! Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. We also got to see a lot of family and friends we didn't get to see the last time we were there.
We had a photographer come and take pictures of everyone. My little cousin Heaven Lee, who is the cutest little thing and only four, was so funny. They were getting ready to take the picture and all of a sudden she told everyone to wait and she would be right back. She ran inside. Everyone was like, what in the world is she doing. She came back outside and said "Okay, I had to put my lipstick on"!
In one of the pictures, I am with my Uncle Mike! It kind of creeps me out though because we sure do look alike in it.

Ashley Marie and Me!!!

Nathan, Grant, and I had the opportunity to go to Arizona together this last weekend. We stopped by my best friend Ashley's house and saw my "Un-official Godson" (he's un-official because neither Ashley or I are Catholic, but if we were, well then he would be my Godson and Grant would be her's). It was so much fun to see her even though it was only about a ten minute visit!