Friday, May 30, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Tournament of the Kings! Soooo much fun! It was super corny but I loved every minute of it!
This was the guy we cheered for! They put you in sections and we were in the Dragon Section!
Toni Southam, Warrior Princess!!! Haha!
There a first time for everything and this is one of them! My VERY FIRST pair of flip flops ever! I have never ever owned a pair!
Getting ready to go to the Phantom of the Opera! It was AMAZING! If you ever get the chance, I completely recommend it! I had chills on my arms the entire time!
We stayed at the Tropicana and this was a shot of the pool! It was such a nice pool and the weather was great too!
A real pair of Christian Louboutin shoes! I think there is more money in shoes sitting right there than the cost of my house! This is the closest I will ever get to owning a pair so I wanted to savor the memory!

Oh my gosh!!!! It's Whoopy Goldberg. Just standing there! Well....kind of! It's actually her wax statue! Pretty cool!
This is what it looks like after you run from one end of the strip to the other bare foot! Nathan and I had went out to eat at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and had tickets to The Phantom of the Opera after all the way at the Venetian! It took forever at the restaurant so when we were done, we had to book it over to the play! I tried to keep up with Nathan but I had high heels on so...I took them off and we ran! It was quite the disguisting experience and I swear my heels aren't really cracked! It's just the picture!

Nathan looking out over the canal at the Venetian! So pretty!
New York New York again! Over by the ESPN store! I was testing my skills!
Nathan and I went to New York New York and rode the roller coaster! It was awesome! How can I have no problem with these crazy roller coasters but be terrified of an air plane?
Eiffel Tower! The restaurant is inside of it!
David Copperfield! Nathan and I went to the David Copperfield show and guess who got to go on stage and disappear? ME!!! It was so exciting! He made a few of us disappear and end up in the back behind the audience! Then, we went into a room after the show and we got to meet him and get an autographed picture of him!
Nathan and I went out to eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant! When they brought his $28.00 salad out, I couldn't help but burst out in giggles! This salad was hilarious! I figured out the secret to how rich people stay skinny! I mean, there is like zero food here! I do have to say that the food and service was AMAZING! I highly recommend it. The view is awesome. Just make sure you save up because it's freakin' expensive!
Me, sporting the hat we bought at the aquarium in Mandalay Bay!
At the Luxor! We went on this WAY stupid ride! I don't even know how to explain it!
Nathan looking excited to go on the ride!
At Mandalay Bay, they had this huge aquarium, I guess you can call it! It had sharks and all sorts of fun things! They had a little part where you can touch some of the fish! I got to touch the sting ray! Creepy!!!
Okay, so my crazy husband and I were having a really crappy day last Saturday! Our basement flooded a few days earlier and things have just been kind of "blah"! So, we went out to eat at Winger's and decided right then and there that we were going to fly to Las Vegas because that's where all the crazy people go and we were definately being crazy! So, we drove home, got on Travelocity and left the next morning to Salt Lake where we flew out to Vegas! First we met my mom though and she took Grant for us!
Anyways...we had SOOO much fun! Here are a few pictures of some of the stuff that we did! We stayed until Thursday and then flew home, which by the way, I totally HATE flying! I think the people next to me wanted to kill me because I was freaking out! So anyways, I wrote under all the pictures of what everything was and what we did. I figured it would be easier to understand that way.
We also went on the stratosphere ride but I didn't get any pictures cause the camera died! It was crazy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Grant LOVES his Cheetos!

Craziness at Native New Yorker!
I think this is the funniest picture ever!
Grant fell asleep at the pool so we wrapped him in a wet towel to keep him cool and stuck my hat on him!

So this last week was kind of a bitter-sweet sort of week! The bitter because it was my cousin Gian's funeral, which I have to say, was the hardest thing I have ever been to but in all it was a beautiful ceremony and I know my cousin is in a better place!
Now on the sweet side, I had to see all my friends and family and it was soooo wonderful! I drove up (or down) to Arizona on Thursday and got there around midnight! I stayed in Overgaard with my very best friend EVER, Ashley! It was sooo much fun! I was so excited that we got to spend time together! Her house is so adorable and she is the best hostess ever! We ended up meeting one of my life long friends, Deedra, and her two gorgeous little girls. It was so funny because on the way there, Ashley and I were talking about how Deedra's life must be absolutely crazy with twins and we just don't know how she does. Well, little did we know, her twins are like the best behaved kids EVER! I swear I spent the whole time there standing up and chasing Grant! It was so fun though! I loved seeing my "Unofficial" God Son also. He is the cutest, sweetest little boy. Him, Grant, and I played peek-a-boo for a while Friday night and they thought it was the funniest thing in the world.
Anyways, I headed down to Phoenixish area Saturday and stayed the night at my Grandma's. The next morning Nathan flew in and we went and stayed at the Hilton! We got such a ballin deal! 65 bucks! I'm telling you guys, Price Line is the greatest website ever! We went to the viewing later that nigh and then to the funeral Monday morning. Then I dropped Nathan off at the airport that evening! Once he left, I stayed at a hotel with my parents and sisters. It was so much fun! We had a great time swimming and just being crazy like we always are!
All in all, the trip went by way too fast and I miss Arizona like crazy. I love everything about it there! Hopefully I will get down there soon again!