Monday, January 21, 2008

Go Phoenix!!!

The view from the Hilton. We were on the fourteenth floor right by temple square!
Poor Raja Bell took an elbow to the face.
Sean Marion was at the game but couldn't play because of back spasms or something. Grant Hill was also gone with apenicitis. Steve Nash had the flu.

Notice that Nathan is the one holding the Go Jazz thing. I wanted nothing to do with the contaminated article.

This poor security gaurd got to sit towards the crowd the entire game. Just watching the people.

My little man!

So Nathan, Grant, and I had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake for a nice little vacation. It was so much fun. We headed out there on Thursday and checked in the our hotel. The Hilton (we're high rollers haha). Later that night we walked to the Energy Solutions Arena (previously known as the Delta Center). We got to sit in the eleventh row! It was so amazing and Grant absolutely loved it. He was a little nervous at first with all the noise but by the end, wether the crowd was booing or cheering Grant was clapping. It was actually his second Suns vs Jazz game but he was only a month and a half when he went to his first. We had bought him the cuttest little Steve Nash jersey back in December online but it never came and being the non-thinker I am, I dressed him in blue (the Jazz colors).

Anyways...even though my boys (the Suns) majorly lost (26 points) and we didn't get to see Steve Nash (he was out with the flu) it was one of the funnest times in my life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elder Perkins

Probably not the best missionary picture but it's still cute!
Well, it's official. Logan is a missionary. He reported to the MTC in Provo today at around 12:30. He called me right before and I tried but could not maintain my composure. I started crying! Then, after my family dropped him off, my mom called me crying which made me start crying again. I was really suprised at how many tears I have cried these last few days. I am so happy for him though. I know he will be such an amazing missionary. I can't wait until he actually gets to Chile. It's going to be such an amazing experience. I have to admit that I am somewhat jealous. If anyone wants to write to him while he is in the MTC, you can go to and register. Then, you send the letter through them to box #270. I am sure he will be so excited to hear from you and he could definately use the support! Well, I am going to go now because once again, I am crying and can't see what I am typing!