Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Grant!!!

Guess what everyone, Grant finally decided to take the plunge and start walking! Yay!!!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poor Norsey!!!

So I think I have officially out "idioted" myself. As you all know from previous posts I have a tendency to forget and lose things. Well, I went to Arizona with my family for Easter and had so much fun! I dropped little Norsey off in Price because I wasn't about to take a dog on a ten plus hour trip with me. Anyways...we got home from Arizona on Monday and I stayed one night in Price. I got ready to go Tuesday morning and headed out Tuesday afternoon for Wyoming. I got to Roosevelt, Utah where Nathan is currently working and we decided to have lunch together. It had been about two hours since I had left Price. In the middle of our lunch, I just about choked on my food and yelled out "oh my gosh, I forgot Elanor"!!! Sure enough, I called my mom and Elanor was there. What happened was, she had gotten out of my parents house when I was getting ready to leave and I just completely forgot about her. About an hour later, she showed up again at my parent's house scratching at the door! Needless to say she is on her way home right now and there was no harm done!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wedding and Home Improvement

The Happy Couple!
My good friend Lara and I met up at the Olive Garden in Salt Lake.
Deanna's sister Melissa and her baby Ryker.
My pretty little Carli and Grant!
The rain took a toll on my hair!
One of our Families best friends, Deanna, was married last Saturday in Salt Lake City. My mom, me, Sam, Carli, and Grant all went down for the affair. It was so much fun. They had their reception in a banquet room at the Rodizio Grill. It was sooo good. I haven't ever been there before. That night they were serving things like buffalo and rattle snake. I tried the buffalo but just couldn't quite muster up the courage for rattle snake. I can't even eat ribs because something about knowing they are ribs just makes me want to die. We are so excited for Deanna also. Her new husband, Erick, is one of the most awesome, nicest guys I have ever met.

We have also done a few more things to our house. Nathan really wanted to get a flat screen t.v. downstairs, which is funny because we don't have cable or even an antenna. The thing with the t.v. was though, if we got the t.v. we would not be able to use our entertainment center so we would have to get a new one. So, as you can tell that's what ended up happening. I have to say I love the t.v. also. It's 55 inches. It makes watching movies a whole new experience. Nathan also insisted on those couches. They don't fit quite right down stairs but I think we have them rigged so they work pretty well and they are soooo comfy. We put in a new kitchen sink and faucet up stairs which I am totally in love with. It really does something for our little kitchen and bought a little "thing" for our living room upstairs. I am still not finished with any of these rooms, there is a lot I want to do still but I think they look pretty cute for now.