Saturday, December 14, 2013

A hunting we will go!

So this year for the Christmas season a few totally genius ideas started rolling around in my brain: Idea A- go cut down our own Christmas tree out in the forest. We weren't going to do the little Christmas tree farm fake experience, either. We were going to go drive up to the Uncompaghre National Forest and get our dang tree, all wilderness family style. Idea 2- Finally get family Christmas pictures taken, and I would do it myself. I've got a great camera, after all, and a tripod! What more could I need? Sadly, we have never had an actual professional family picture done, EVER! Unfortunately, for my ideas, I decided to try and do both at the same time! Ugh! We got up the mountain all dressed up in our fancy get-ups and I soon realized after slipping and falling on my face in the snow how horrible of an idea this was.

We started on our little journey later in the afternoon than we had hoped for; on the way there, all the boys fell asleep! Fail one! They were going to be so grumpy when I woke them up to get out of the truck and jump into the freezing cold snow to take some pictures!

Fail #2 happened soon after finding "the spot," which ended up not really being worth anything. About 5 minutes of being up there, I fell on my face in the snow, the boys fell like ten times, and Nathan was the only one in good enough shoes to actually get some traction and get up the hill to find a tree. That's okay. We had fun playing around in the snow waiting for him to try and find something useable! 
"Mom! My hands are soooo cold!" Yeah, Fail #3. I did not bring gloves for my children!
Dad, I need a tissue!
He's got the eye (Alicia H. This is for you!)
It was foggy and amazing up on the mountain!
Nathan found a couple little trees which we decided to use in the planters on the front porch, but unfortunately, those were all we could find. After about 20 more minutes at another attempt of trying to hike in our fancy pants, the kids were quickly got all fun-ed out and we decided to try our luck at another spot. We ended up driving for another hour or so trying to find a place that looked promising!
We found one spot that looked hopeful, but of course, it was not! So, we decided to give up and go get a Christmas tree the sane people way!
BAM! Thank you Lowes for making me eat my words and thanks for the 9 foot Christmas tree that sits crookedly in our living room! Overall, I'd consider our afternoon adventure a success!

And as for the Christmas pictures, well, we tried!