Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boy it's been a while. You see, I'm suffering from this disease. It's not an actual medical condition. Maybe some of you have heard of it though. It's called incurable laziness. It affects a person's motivation to clean, cook, and well, move! I'm hoping it's a temporary condition that comes with pregnancy. We'll find out.

So not a whole lot has happened here. I am finding out what I'm having on the 18th! Woo woo. Don't forget to vote on the side, or leave a comment so that way you can prove you were either right or wrong. I really have no idea still. We have names picked out either way though. Actually, we have had them picked out for a while so if you announce your naming your kid one of our names, well, too bad, our kids are going to have the same name!

I am on break right now from school which is AW-some! I start again October 26th. Also, I lost ANOTHER cell phone. Yup, about two weeks ago. The absolute only places I went that day were to the grocery store and to my neighbors. It was a sad moment in my life. One of many I have concerning cell phones! I did get a pretty sweet phone out of the deal but I lost all my pictures and videos of Granny Fanny. I still can't get over that.

Well, that's my life lately in a nutshell. Here's some pictures because blogs are no fun unless there are pictures involved.
And now for a "Grantism". The other day I was outside mowing the lawn. Grant was watching. Now, the one and only time I really get down right mad at Grant is when he goes into the road because we live on a blind corner with no stop sign and people fly around it. So, back to mowing, I got near the side walk and had to step off and next thing I hear is Grant saying, "Toni, get out of the road!" I love it. He is the funniest kid. Did I ever mention that he only calls me "Toni" not "mom"? It's true. He's done it since he was just little!
I felt like putting a picture of my awesome chandelier up. We've actually had it a while now but I just LOVE it. This picture does NOT do it justice.
Proof of my ridiculous laziness. My poor child fell asleep on the floor with a hat over his eyes because he wanted to go to bed and I didn't want to get my booty up. Oh, not to mention the atrocious disaster of my house in the background. I'm kind of mortified that I consented to put this picture up because of the background. In my defense I was also in the middle of a sewing project. That accounts for like 80% of the mess!