Friday, July 9, 2010

Life has been pretty crazy and eventful lately. For one, I started school again after an AMAZING two week break! I'm currently taking Calculus and started to thing what have I gotten myself into. I had no prob with Algebra and Trig! We'll see how it goes! We also celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Nathan suprised me in the form of a new camera. It's a Canon Rebel t1i and I abso-freakin-lutely love it. He is the best! Cardy started eating rice cereal! The first day he wasn't so sure but he really enjoys it now. We went to his 4 month appointment and he is 15 lbs 15.6 oz. so basically 16 lbs! He was 25 inches also. He's in the 50th percentile for both!
Grant is the funniest boy alive. He says the craziest things. For example, the other day we were at the store and I smelled something not so nice. I asked Grant if he had poopoed. He responded by saying, "No, I no poopoo's, I tooted!" I don't even know where he thought of that. It was hilarious though!
This pictures absolutely kills me! He looks like such a freak in it and that's what makes it so funny. This picture just sums up his personality!

Remember when I first had Carter and Grant slammed the door on the nurse and shouted "Baby's gone?" Well, Grant can't get enough of his brother now, I mean, literally can't get enough! He wants to help and hold Carter all the time. Grant's favorite thing to do is ask if he can hold Carter and then ask me to take a picture!

His face is always dirty, I swear!

My little fat man also started rolling over last month. On June 19 actually!
And for the biggest event. After lots of tears and even more issues with the airport, Nathan is officially deployed! I have to admit that it has been a lot harder than I anticipated. I miss him sooooo much like crazy! I totally have no makeup on in this pic because I cried it off!
Nathan said goodbye to Grant the night before, which was sooooo hard. I bawled of course. We decided not to take him to the airport with us in the morning because he would have to wake up at 4 and he would have been so crabby and not really understood what was going on anyway.
So, Nathan and I have to wakeup at 4:30 in the morning to make it to the airport on Tuesday morning. We get there and some of the guys in his unit are standing around. Nathan asked them why they hadn't gone through security and come to find out, someone forgot to pay for their tickets. The flight was booked but not paid for. So, their commander gets there and goes to figure out. America Airlines told him that because the tickets were not paid for they gave away the guys' seats. So, the commander starts working on booking another flight! So we wait for forever. Finally, the commander tells us he has a flight booked for 10. Just enough time for us to leave the airport, go to the hotel and come straight back. (Rest of the story below)! We get back to the airport and they inform me that I can get special permission to go to the terminal and wait with Nathan, so naturally, I do! We get there and wait. Finally it's time to board the plane. So everyone gets in line and starts waiting. After about a half an hour of nothing happening the airline person gets on the overcome and states that something is wrong with the plane and it's going to be a few minutes. So everyone goes and sits down. After about an our, she gets back on and says it's going to be another hour. It's about noon by now and all the other wives had left. Carter was freaking out so finally we decided it was time for me to go! THat was soooo hard. Nathan walked me to the end of the terminal and we said our "goodbyes." I was totally fine until we both turned around to walk away. Then, neither of us would move. I told him to start walking and he told me to start walking. That's when the water works started and we just held each other and I cried for a few more minutes. Then we decided to both walk away at the same time!
So I leave and tell Nathan to call me when his plane takes off. So I still hadn't heard from him and it's like 3 o'clock. I figured he had just forgotten and that he had boarded the flight but I decided to try calling anyway. Sure enough he answered and his flight had been cancelled til the next morning.
So next morning comes and he finally gets on the flight and gets to Atlanta. Lo' and behold though it doesn't go without a hitch. They board the plane and then find out that there was a storm in Detroit and that they couldn't take off for a few hours until the weather got better. So he got stuck sitting on that plane for like 2 hours! Needless to say, he is finally in Wisconsin and they made it! He will stay there for about 30 or so days and then head to Afghanistan!
I don't know if it made me feel better or worse that Nathan and I were not the only ones with a baby and young child out of all the men being deployed! One of the guys had a two month old baby and it was their only child!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great. Remember to keep all of these amazing men and women who fight for our rights and our freedom in your prayers!